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Friday, February 04, 2011

Elder Scrolls


 Just watched the new game informer podcast about skyrim. It's a bit disappointing, Todd Howard give a lot empty answers(eg.stating he's not sure, or saying that the team is working on it) and goes a bit off track a couple of times but he does shed some light on a few things/hype a few things up. Here's a quick sum up of things confirmed:

  • Companions are confirmed, but will not be be like the ones in fallout. Instead of having a small cast of recruit-able allies with developed back stories and the like, they'll be lot's of generic npcs you can recruit by either hiring them or becoming friends with them.
  • The game's perks will work via a skill tree system. By picking certain perks, you'll be able to specialize in certain aspects of a skill eg: fire spells in destruction. Apparently there'll be over 200 perks if you count the different ranks with you only being able to pick 50
  • Radiant story will be more of a tool the devs use to make more dynamic quests rather than a way of generating side quests. eg: there's a quest where you have to rescue someone. The game will find a npc you have history with and make them the quest giver. Just say the quest is supposed to be hard, the game will make go to a high level dungeon relative to your level. Afterwards, the game will give you a reward that is useful to you and relative to how hard the quest was.
  • Dragons are pants shittingly powerful enemies. Can't ride them though. (This makes me quite sad)
  • no spears
  • The PC version will come default with options for higher resolution graphics and textures and that kind of shit.

Extremely excited about this game although hearing about the pc version makes me want more than ps3 which i originally wanted. but this all depends on what one comes out first 

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Valentines day

So i need a kick-ass gift to get for my girl friend on valentines day. i already got her VIP tickets to star scape.. but i wanna get her something else to. and because i'm like most guys.. i have no clue at all.. any suggestions? i was kinda thinking a HUGE bouquet of roses or something like that but i really don't know..and price isn't really an issue.. thanks!!! :D

guess im gonna hafta get NGP

"According to MCV, Sony is touting the PSP2 as being "as powerful as the PlayStation 3" to British developers. The company is reportedly trying to position the handheld as a higher-end alternative to Nintendo's upcoming 3DS, complete with an HD screen and dual thumbsticks.
To reflect the PSP2's upscale status, Sony is also apparently requesting that developers create games as in-depth as PS3 titles so they can be differentiated from more casual offerings on the iPhone and Android systems. The company hopes that months of hype about handheld HD gaming--supplemented by E3 and GDC appearances--will entice developers to support the device prior to a Q4 launch.
MCV also reported that the handheld will also have a "brick" form factor similar to the PSP-3000, not the PSP Go-like sliding chassis spotted in reportedly leaked photos of the dev kit. The handheld will also have a physical media component so retailers can participate in its business, although it was unclear if it will be the UMD format used by current PSPs.
The official story: Sony had not returned requests for comment as of press time.
Bogus or not bogus?: Likely not bogus that Sony is touting the handheld as a portable PS3. The company took a similar tack when promoting the original PSP as a portable PlayStation 2, talking about how much of the handheld's innards were miniaturized versions of the then-new slimline PS2."

Thursday, January 13, 2011

black ops zombies

are there any good zombies players...ever!?!? i rarely get a match to last longer than round 11 or 12 and find it extremely annoying to waste 15 minutes doing basically nothing! I've been to level 30 on co-op and 42 on solo but could be sooooooo much better if only i had a worthy team mate..please someone comment and i will add you.. anyone at all... but only if you've reached level 25 or higher..and i only play on kino der toten... five is a piece of crap........./end post

Thursday, January 06, 2011


gotten back into getting points with lockerz again and hopefully plan on getting a Xbox 360! :D theres a really neat add on for chrome and im getting 4500 points a day.. if anyone wants an invite leave a comment

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Prop Making

Lately ive been taking quite a liking into prop making. i'lll post some pics of the stuff i made soon :D